“As loyal as your dog”

Leado is a family run dog walking and pet care business operated primarily by husband and wife, Kenny and Becki Arnold based in NYC. Rain or shine, Leado makes sure your pet gets the proper care he or she needs. Happy pet, happy owner!

Kenny and Becky wanted us to help them completely brand their exciting new business. First we began to learn their company and what it involved, the process of learning our clients business is what we call ‘Discovery’. The site would need easy client navigation, to make quick and simple scheduling.  Once we gathered a foundation and a plan, we started by suggesting multiple company names, which ended with “Leado”. Kenny and Becki’s wishes for the site was clean, easy to navigate, modern but creative. They gave us examples of current dog walking websites, but were uninspired from what they found, and to tell you the truth we couldn’t blame them.


With this in mind, we created a sleek but modern logo, website, graphic design elements, business cards, flyers and yes even stickers! Our project images are below, take a look and tell us what you think.

Leado Business Card design
Leado Home Page image
Leado Contact Page image

Leado have posted many of their flyers around the Soho, West Village and Tribeca area so be on the look out. They often walk their great dane dog ‘Knox’, who is hard to miss, so if you seem them around stop and say hi!

We are in the works of developing an app. Leado wants an easy way for their clients to schedule their dog walking appointments, so stay tuned for release date which will be coming very shortly!

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